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We offer the best solution for your vehicle ...

Efficient Solutions

Reduce company costs through our GPS solutions.

Advanced Software

Monitor your vehicles in PC, Tablet, SmartPhone

Installation Service

M2M Albania offers installation service throughout Albania and not only.


GPS fleet management is an advanced solution for reducing company costs. Reduce mileage, save fuel, get overtime reports and coordinate daily tasks.

  • Reduce mileage
  • Save fuel
  • Get reports
  • Cost reduction
  • Fuel Management
  • Coordination of vehicles
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Travel reports
  • Task Management
  • Reduce costs
  • Software WEB
  • Mobile APP
  • Installation service
  • Njoftime mbi sherbimet
  • Unlimited packages


Need a GPS for your fleet, personal car etc? Apply now and receive your offer!


Company Management & Benefits

Mileage reduction

The M2M Albania system enables the calculation of mileage prescribed for both business and private purposes.

Automatic Notifications

Real-time notifications - vehicle left office, speeding, low battery voltage, etc.

Real-time vehicle coordination

Coordinate real-time vehicles and make sure your employees complete all tasks on time.

Travel reports

Trip reports: roads, mileage, added fuel, fuel consumed.

Unlimited report packages

We offer a complete report package for businesses and companies

Task Management

Assign tasks and get notified when they are successfully completed.